The Unique Boutique Intellectual Property Law Firm of Monaco

Cabinet Guenther Schmalz is a unique boutique intellectual property law firm in Monaco that handles all of the essential professional services any innovator or overseas professional may seek of an intellectual property law representative in Monaco. This includes the acquisition of intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks and design rights, the enforcement of these rights and the commercial exploitation of your rights.



  • Drafting and filing of Patents(in Germany, EPO, PCT)
  • EPO opposition and appeal proceedings
  • Evaluation of economic viability
  • Freedom-to-operate studies Patent validity studies
  • Product clearance studies
  • Patent infringement opinion
  • Enforcement of patents
  • Validation of European patents
  • Payment of annuities
  • Defensive publications


  • Trademark search
  • Trademark co-existence agreements
  • Registration of trademarks
  • Recordal of assignment, change of legal form, change of address of a registered trademark
  • Renewal of trademarks
  • Trademark Surveillance
  • In-use studies

Design Rights

  • Trademark search
  • Registering a design
  • Recordal of assignment, change of legal form, change of address of a design
  • Renewal of a design


  • Copyright issues

Licensing and Contracts

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
  • Licensing contracts
  • Performing artists / musicians / media and sports celebrities' contracts

Specific Intellectual Property matters

  • Customs search and seizure procedures
  • Development of intellectual property portfolios
  • Strategic management of intellectual property portfolios
  • IP due diligence for MA

Guenther Schmalz, passed the German Patent Attorney Exam in 1991 and the European Patent Attorney Exam in 1993. His technical expertise encompasses patents for mobile communication technology, computer implemented inventions ("software patents") and business method patents. He was admitted to the Monaco Patent and Trademark Office in 2009.
Our intellectual property law firm is licenced to represent clients before the

We are multilingual. We speak French, English, German, Italian and Spanish 

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