Purpose of maintenance fees

The reason for annuties (annualy recurring fees) and other fees is twofold. Intellectual Property Rights prevent others from using a patented technology, using a registered trademark or industrial design. If the costs for Intellectual Property Rights would be too low, there would be the risk that for every little improvement patents would be filed and would enjoy always their maximum lifetime, or trademarks are kept forever. This would block competition in an unwanted manner. The other reason is very trivial: fees help to finance the services provided by the Patent and Trademark Offices.

Annuities for patents

A patent has a maximum lifetime of 20 years. In order to encourage the patent holders to waive their monopoly rights and allow their invention to fall into the public domain, governments have adopted a policy of increasing the annuities of a patent with each year. Some inventions are outrun by a new technology or some inventions may not turn into a commercial success at all. These patents are candidates to be abandoned in order to limit unnecessary expenses and to make the ivention availabel to everbody. This tends to make the average liftetime of a patent between 7 and 10 years, whereby the average lifetime varies from one industry sector to another. However, patents that really earn their money are uphold the whole 20 years such as patents protecting pharmaceuticals.

Patent annuities for national or validated EP Patents in Monaco

1 18,00
2 20,00
3 32,00
4 35,00
5 55,00
6 75,00
7 90,00
8 105,00
9 120,00
10 135,00
11 165,00
12 195,00
13 225,00
14 260,00
15 290,00
16 300,00
17 310,00
18 315,00
19 335,00
20 355,00