Status reports (demande d'information)

The status report informs you which annuities have been due for a patent in Monaco and when the payments have been received. It shows only the payments that have been due in Monaco. I case it is a national filed patent in Monaco the status report shows the annuities paid from filing the patent in Monaco. In the event it is a European Patent only the annuities since the patent was validated in Monaco are shown. In the example on the left the European patent was granted after five years, so that the first annuity due in Monaco was the 6th annuitiy. The status report of the example shows, that the 6th annuity was due, but no payment has been received yet.

Copy of the special register (extrait du régistre spécial)

This extract lists either for a national Monaco patent or a European Patent validated in Monaco the

  • patent application number
  • patent application date
  • patent publication number
  • title of the patent
  • patent granting date
  • patent owner with his address
  • patent classification number(s)
  • entries in the special register