What is validation of an EP Patent?

Under Article 2(2) EPC, a European patent shall, in each of the contracting states for which it is granted, have the effect of and be subject to the same conditions as a national patent granted by that state, unless otherwise provided in the EPC.

In other words:  A validated patent in Monaco gives you the same rights, as if it was filed and granted as a national patent in Monaco. It gives you the right to exclude others from selling the protected product or using the protected method.

No translation required in Monaco anymore

As Monaco has deposited his rectification to the London Agreement on 12 November 2003 translations of the Eurropen patent into French are not required for all European patents whose grants are published in the European Patent Bulletin on or after 1 May 2008, the day the London agreement came into force.

How to validate your patent in Monaco?

In the event you designated Monaco in your European patent application, the information will be automatically transfered from the European Patent Office to the Monaco Patent and Trademark Office.

In order to provide you with an address of service for your nationalized European Patent in Monaco you just have to send us a power of attorney in our favour.