Territory of the trade mark search

To perform a trademark search in Monaco we request an officially search by the Monaco Patent and Trademark Office. Since this search is made in the offical Monaco trademark register, we can be sure, that the results are the most up-to-date and the most accurate possible.

For a trademark search in the European Community or in the most important markets and producing countries we use for the search commercially operated trademark databases. As we offer this service on a base by number of results, you are most of the time better off than relying on a flat fee, that usually is set to a high level to cover the cost in any event. Chose from a list of countries, tell us the goods and services you intend to run a search on and we can give you an exact quote for a trademark search report.

Types of trade mark searches we provide

There are different kind of trade mark searches available:

  • basic search, that will show only identical trade marks or trademarks that include the word(s) you are looking for
  • comprehensive search, that would reveal also trade marks with similar spelling or phonetically similar trade marks
  • An availability search includes a comprehensive search in trade mark registers, but includes also other sources, such as the official register of commercial names and domain names. The availability search is intended for clearance and infringement purposes and will reveal also unregisterd trade marks that may pose potential barriers to the use and registration of a trademark.
  • proprietor name search reveals all trademarks that have been filed under a specific owner or company name.

Naturally the basic search will show less hits as the comprehensive search.  The basic trademark search is less costly, but it might not reveal all possible conflicts. It may be a good strategy to start with a basic search to get a general overview. In the event conflicting trademarks are found you may decide to look for another trademark or to enter into negotiations with the trademark owners to achieve a co-existance agreement

If no conflicting trademarks have been found in a basic search, the next step would be to extend the search to an availability search. In case you chose the two-steps approach we would not charge extra fees for the two steps.