Trademark surveillance

To be able to defend your registered trade marks we recommand to continously watch the trade marks that are registered in Monaco.

Unfortunately there is no electronic data base where information on Monaco trademarks may be retrieved online from the Monaco Patent and Trademark Office. Information on registered trademarks is published only in the Annex to the Journal of Monaco. For clients who entrusted us with a trademark watch, we regularly scan through the Annex to the Monaco Journal. The Annex is published four times a year and contains several sections:

  • a trademark section
  • a industrial design section and
  • a patent section.


In the trademark section the following changes are reported

  • Change of names of a trademark holder
  • Change of name and address of a trademark holder
  • Change of address of a trademark holder
  • Change of the legal form of a trademark owner
  • Mergers of trademark owners
  • Cancellation of a trademark
  • Limitations of the list of product and services


Then all the trademarks that have been registered since the last issue of the Annex are listed with

  • the registration date
  • the trademark number
  • the adress of the trademark owner
  • the list of goods and services listed in order of the classes


The last list in the trademark section finally lists all renewals of trademarks